About Me

I am a Computer Science graduate that enjoy exploring the field of computer science, mathematics and robotics. I also enjoy participating challenging competitions as they can really push myself towards my limit.

I learnt many when exploring these field and thus, I sometimes refer myself as “Jack of all trades, master of none (sadly)”. Maybe I can be master of some by choosing a particular field to dive in deep but currently I enjoy being jack of all trades. Being a jack of all trades has its advantage, like, I can easily handle project that crosses multiple fields.

I hope that (Malaysia) student can started to (depending on their interests) dive in the field of computer science, robotics, understand mathematics (not computation and blindly apply formula), and be a good problem solver. And I hope that I can contribute to make this true.

About This Site

The site title, Binaries and Binomials perfectly describe this site. I will be writing about:

Binaries  —  The working principal of digital electronic and computer, represents Computers and Electronics.

  • Robotics and electronics projects
  • Internet of Things (IoT) projects
  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other microcontroller related stuff

Binomials  —  An term that usually seen in the field of mathematics, represents Mathematics.

  • Interesting mathematical theorems or results (mostly will be related to computer science)
  • Mathematical Olympiad related stuff

Binaries and Binomials  —  A combination of computer and mathematics, represents Computer Science.

  • Interesting or important algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligent (including machine learning, deep learning and etc)
  • Programming and development related stuff

The philosophy I had when writing this site is

  • The content will act as a reminder for myself about what I had learnt
  • The content will explain something in a simple-to-understand way for myself and the audience, so that I can enhance my understanding and help the audience to understand easily
  • The content will help (non-technical) people to understand and getting started to something (technical) (exception applies when I tries to explain some advance algorithms or documenting cheatsheets)
  • Some post will be my thought and experience when doing some projects or cool stuff

P.S. I have no idea what should be the site title when I decided to write this site, I was asking around and one of my friend suggested this name

Check this blog post out for more about this site.