Shopee Code League 2022 Solution Writeup

    27 minute read    

Shopee Code League is a 2-week coding league consisting of two rounds of coding competitions and several workshops. I participated in Shopee Code League 2022...



Malaysia ACM ICPC 2018 Solution Writeup

    25 minute read    

I participated in this contest as my final national ACM-ICPC contest. With a certain amount of luck, my teammates (Jenn Pang and Wing Khang) and I won the co...

Why Jekyll, Minimal Mistakes and GitHub Pages

    2 minute read    

To begin this blog post, let’s be aware that currently there is a lot of blogging platforms available on the Internet. This page and this page provide a comp...

Why and How I Switch from Sublime Text to Atom

    6 minute read    

I have been a huge fan of Sublime Text. It is my second text editor (the first is notepad++). Since a long time ago, I am aware of the existent of Atom text ...


My First Blog Post

    3 minute read    

I enjoy doing stuff that is cool, challenging and fun. Particularly, I am interested in problem solving, mathematics (especially, mathematics olympiad), info...